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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Challenge accepted.

Our preparations for the International Green Week Berlin are nerve-wracking. So many things to do … Let us tell you about our first obstacle that we had to overcome.

During the promotions of Urban Planty in Interspar`s supermarkets we learned, that people are thrilled when beside jute pots they also get the seedlings and soil. We are looking forward to make happy from 700 to 1000 individuals with our home-grown herbs, but here is the question – how to grow 1000 seedlings at home?

We found the solution - our new home based grow box has enough space to germinate many seeds and brought to life more than 800 small herb seedlings. Btw, don’t ask us how are we going to transport all these seedlings to Berlin. About this issue we will discuss in another blog post.

Anyway, our intention is to make the impossible possible. Stay tuned...

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