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Birth of the Urban Planty: from the home garden to the urban balcony!

Many followers have asked us how we came up with the idea for the vertical balcony garden and what the story behind was. We wanted to provide people who live in big cities and have no space for a garden with a simple solution for growing herbs, vegetables and exotic plants. As a result, the Urban Planty was designed.

We proudly present our initial concepts and prototypes that were far from the elegance, simplicity and functionality representing the Urban Planty as we know it today. However, these were preliminary steps that we had to take in order to achieve what we have by now.

It all started with a garden made of pallets which weighed over 50 kg and was 2 meters wide, thus it would not fit even on larger balconies.

After realizing that this concept is non-functional, too heavy and too big for smaller spaces, we continued in the direction of spatially more acceptable solutions – vertical constructions. Through trial and error, we discovered that plastic pipes deform under the weight of soil and plants, therefore we gave up on the idea and started testing wood. It turned out that wood is very sensitive to moisture, breaks more quickly and is more expensive in terms of production, so this idea was left for a future development.

Our story continued with a special jute pot – the Urban Baggie and it has proved to be the missing piece of the mosaic. We dedicated a lot of our time to its development, so that herbs and other plants would grow better than in the existing plastic pots. Our aim was to put focus on a natural look, drainage system with a water reservoir and the possibility to attach it to the construction.

Our first solutions were cost ineffective and logistically inappropriate, therefore we were forced to develop simplified solutions that have proved to be excellent in the end. We took into account a simple fact that a balcony has a floor and ceiling, therefore we wanted to connect the two ends with something that does not require drilling and can be easily assembled. The result was a vertical telescopic stand.

Since there are differences in plant growth, our goal was to develop plant holders that would allow adjustments according to user preference. The latter was solved with a unique clamp, following the example of pipe clamps, which allows height flexibility. The clamps can bear up to 6 kg and that was a major progress in comparison with previous solutions.

The Urban Baggie has enabled the completion of the development in the form of a unique balcony garden called the Urban Planty that will be featured on Kickstarter in October and in the following years, we will try to establish and build its brand identity in the field of urban gardening.

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