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Unique design

ECO friendly

Excellent growing conditions


Improve your home with our unique Urban Planty pots suitable for hebs and flowers.

Coconut pots can be used for herbs, flowers and vegetables. Moreover, orchids and a small number of fruits, such as strawberries, grow perfect in the Urban Planty as well. 


1) Urban Planty pots are made of eco-friendly materials such as coconut. The expired coconut fabric can be replaced with a new one without changing the plastic components.

2) The pots hold water for a longer period of time, thus giving more moisture to the soil as if it was regularly watered.

3) The water reservoir has two functions: irrigation and holding water. There is no need for the use of a saucer or a cachepot

4) The bottom of the pot is made of recycled plastic and functions as a water reservoir.

Coconut plant pots for perfect cuisine and colorful look of your home

Our Urban Planty plant pot is a multi-purpose product that can be used as a part of the interior design, as a decorated gift for someone's birthday or simply to liven up your kitchen while cooking.

Excellent growing conditions.

The water reservoir has three functions, namely irrigation, attachment of the Baggie to the stand and holding water.

There is no need for the use of a saucer or a cachepot. 

The air cone provides the drainage of excess water

100% recyclable

100% ECO friendly

100% urban

Coconut fiber maintains moisture and provides better aeration of the soil

The expired coconut fabric can be replaced with a new one without changing the plastic components

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The offer is valid until 02.02.2020.

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